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Being confident is knowing you’re scared, but not showing everyone else.

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Scared of Public Speaking?


I was heading to the airport. The weather was bright and sunny when I had set off, only to find some fog midway through my journey. After a 1hr drive to the airport, it was clear that nothing was going to happen soon. Fog had invaded the Cotswolds in england cutting vision down to 300 metres. My helicopter trip will have to wait.

With my patience being exercised, I did some work for an hour, and the fog had somewhat lifted. Still no go for flying yet, so what to do?

It was suggested I could visit the Airport control Tower. Excited I can tell you. Normally a great view over the airfield, but these people broadcast their voice to thousands, every day. There is facts, figures, weather, and other information to be conveyed, as well as organising pilots that are focussed on flying.

Every pilot knows that it is nerve wracking pushing that Tx button on the radio, to talk to one human, Tower, and whomever else is listening on that frequency. The tower crew are a friendly bunch, but at times very busy. Obviously with fog around, this could be a quiet time, with the anticipation of the weather clearing for a glorious Saturday.

Information overload?

Knowing the name and face of Tower didn’t help my nervousness though. I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where you have been asked to introduce yourself. You know your own name, so why is it so hard?

I can do that, but when talking to Tower, I need to convey more information. Name of the Helicopter, Where I want to go, and then be prepared for the information they will say back to me. Air pressure, Runway, Holding points and Weather. It’s a lot to take in.

But, I knew all that information already, there is a recorded message you can listen to, so you are prepared. The only thing you can do, is get on with it, practice and make mistakes. It’s fine, everyone is scared of talking and messing up. It’s the one thing we share. Even so called confident people.

Being confident is knowing you’re scared, but not showing everyone else.

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