Confidence and how it affects your business

If you want to earn more, being confident is key.

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I had a lovely pork burger for my lunch today. During my lunch time experience, I was served by 3 people.

The first definitely had the charm of the business owner. He was deciding if he wanted me as a customer. The venue gets very busy and most of the tables were already reserved.

The second, dressed in the uniform of the business, took my drink order, gave me a lovely smile as they read out the alternative options. My first choice was not in stock.

My food order was taken by the owner, no drama there, and I was looking forward to the creation I had ordered.

It was delivered a little while later by another uniformed staff member. They looked a little shy and didn’t smile.

In a perfect world, this wouldn’t matter, but I’m willing to bet that out of the two staff, one of them either gets paid more, or earns more in tips. Can you guess which one?

Where does it come from?

Confidence can come from past experiences of successfully completing a task or achieving a goal. When you have successfully accomplished something before, you are more likely to feel confident in your ability to do it again.

Confidence can also come from having a deep understanding of a topic or subject. When you have knowledge of a subject, you are more likely to feel confident in discussing or handling related tasks. This is useful early in your career.

Closely linked to experience, when you receive positive feedback from others about your abilities, it can boost your confidence. Knowing that others recognize and value your skills and abilities can increase your confidence in your own abilities.

Before that though comes the way you talk to yourself and it can have a big impact on your confidence. Positive self-talk can help build confidence by reinforcing your strengths and abilities. When talking to people it is important to be kind, this goes for when you talk to yourself too.

A growth mindset can help build confidence by focusing on the belief that abilities and skills can be developed and improved over time. This perspective can help reduce feelings of self-doubt and increase confidence in one’s ability to learn and grow.

What to do?

Confidence is so important, when interviewing, when negotiating and when interacting with customers. I offer coaching so you can enjoy more confidence.

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