Staying technical?

For the aspiring career go-getter, the obvious path to getting a higher paid job is management.

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Higher salary equals manager

Higher salary

In my career I followed the path of,

  1. Trainee
  2. Technician
  3. Field Engineer
  4. Server Engineer
  5. Infrastructure Engineer
  6. Senior Infrastructure Engineer
  7. Support Team Leader

Each step I earned myself a pay rise. However, that last step, team leader, not very good at it, to be honest.

Sure I liked the salary increase, but the role came with a lot of changes to how I work, how I relate to my team mates, how I relate to other mangers, and even the level of hands on.

My then boss, and I, both agreed I should step down from the role. But this would cost me the salary increase.

What to do?

I had seen others in my field getting technical jobs within an IT consultancy. I had also heard of IT contractors. There was of course the side hustle route as well.

So, What did I do? I found a contact in recruitment to help me get a contract. Not a short contract either. A 6 month contract. Does that sound short? I guess it is in a way, but my “perm” job had 1 month notice, just like the contract did.


This gave me the work/life balance, income and satisfaction I was looking for. Sure there was a lot to learn,

  1. IR35
  2. Self Assessment
  3. How to run a limited company
  4. Taxes

I had several people to turn to, as well as some mistakes I made along the way.

Your turn

If you are thinking about contracting, come talk to me. I have been through the journey and can answer questions you may have.

Come ask me and the community questions. You can find me on Slack.

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