What happened at Re:Invent 2022

Last weekend was the time for the AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, announcements and more.

Amazing picture

Amazon CTO at Re:Invent 2022

There was a lot going on as usual in Las Vegas. I dipped into some of the virtual rooms to watch a few of these, my timezone making it tricky.

As these are new we will have to wait a while before the AWS Terraform Provider catches up.

Application Integrations just got easier with point and click for Eventbridge Pipes. Event producers and event processors can now be linked easily through the console. These enable filtered events to be sent directly to a processor.

Lambda got an update too. Snapstart is automatically enabled for super fast starts of Java 11 Corretto apps by caching the Init state.

ECS has a new feature, ECS Service Connect enabling your application in ECS to connect to other ECS services by name, via AWS Cloud Map. Previously this was only possible via AWS App Mesh.

In RDS land, very excited to see Blue/Green RDS for fully managed and staged upgrades and migrations for RDS.

Most excited of all is AWS Lattice enabling a consistent way of connecting apps together across AWS. This enables the creation of a Service Network, controlling network and IAM based access.

For more see new services announced.

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